Project            :   Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision for Upgrading of N1 Highway (14 km, 6 lane) between Tetteh Qaurshie Interchange to Mallam Junction, Ghana

Client               :   The Millennium Development Authority (MiDA), on behalf of the Government of Ghana (GoG)
Funded by     :   MCC
Sector              :   Highways
Start Date     :   01/01/2008
End Date        :   01/07/2013

Total Length - 14 km / 6 lane upgrading of N1 Highway between Tetteh Quarshie Interchange and Mallam Road Junction (TQM), Accra to 6 lane (bituminous surface). The project involves preparation of the Detailed Engineering Design, Bid documents and Supervision of Construction for upgrading of N1 Highway. Several proposals were introduced for future improvements including provision of BRT system alongside the entire length of the Motorway and provision of BRT terminal at Mallam junction. Details of structures: 2 Interchanges one at Dimples Junction at Km. 4+326 and another at Mallam Jn. Km. 13+800. There are 5 nos. of footbridges