Traffic, Transportation and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)

Transportation infrastructure planning and management assumes top priority in sustaining the economic development and growth. Highly efficient and economic transport system is the pre-requisite for competitiveness of a city or a region. ICT has a team of highly competent transportation professionals with experience in urban and regional transportation planning and modelling including land use-transport modeling and travel demand modelling for a multi-modal environment for transport and land use policy evaluation as required for CMP, CDP and CTTS. ICT is also involved in projects of institutional development and capacity building of road agencies/authorities, transportation network design and analysis, public transport systems planning and development like bus network and high capacity systems like BRT, MRT, etc, ICT is involved in design for urban area traffic control and management, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) implementations, network safety assessment, road safety audit, and safety campaign. ICT is an accredited service provider for iRAP to undertake iRAP road safety assessments (see iRAP Road Survey accreditation certificate - ICT India). The team also has extensive experience in using simulation modelling methods for urban network traffic, passenger terminals in airport, railway/ Metro station and other such passenger concourse for design of facilities locations as well as evaluation of safety and emergency evacuation. The group has special expertise on ITS and GIS technologies for urban and regional transport planning and operations. Plans and designs are always contextual to the projects and made most appropriate for the problem in hand. Safety and economy in operation are considered as the foremost criteria for any and every transport system design recommendation.

ICT has in-house capability for most of the aspects of transport development in urban and regional settings. However, wherever required, we collaborate with our joint venture partners within India as well as from Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea and others to provide additional specialized experiences. Thus, the services that can be provided are:

  • Urban and regional transport planning/modelling and policy testing
  • Master planning for state or regional road network
  • Urban area network study/interchange/grade separation design, etc.
  • Urban and regional transportation plans (including CDP, CMP and CTTS), etc.
  • Traffic studies and forecast for EPC/Annuity/BOT/DBFO/PPP projects
  • Traffic management/signalisation/signal coordination for corridor efficiency 
  • Micro-simulation modelling for urban traffic – motorized traffic, NMT and pedestrians in urban network as well as passenger concourse or terminal/stations.
  • Public/mass transport corridor planning for urban areas including bus terminals/depots, BRT, Metro, LRT, etc.
  • Road safety audit, Safety Engineering interventions for urban or regional road network, Road Safety Policy/Strategy and Action Plan, and Safety Awareness Campaigns for a corridor or an area/region 
  • Complete range of iRAP assessment including iRAP survey (data collection), Star Ratings (including that for road designs), Safer Roads Investment Plans (SRIP), and Implementation Support to the Road Authorities and Funding Agencies
  • Implementation of ITS for public transport including ATMS applications on road projects, asset management studies and toll collection forecasts for transaction advisory projects
  • ITS and GIS technology adoption for city traffic planning & management for higher efficiency of city-wide transport system
  • Institutional development and capacity building and training for road authorities and public transport organizations
  • Traffic studies for land-side of Airport and Port development projects